Linda is a successful entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in the advertising and communications industry. She has proven herself as an exceptional coach, establishing a sound reputation for EVEOLVE® and growing her team.
With combined corporate experience and being at the helm of her own company –  Logogistics, Linda has acquired extensive knowledge of the business world with a unique passion for start-ups. Drawing on her in-depth understanding of people at all levels, brand development and branding, Linda offers her insights, experience and resources as a life and business coach.
She is also a breast cancer survivor, with an incredible love for life, family and people in general. EVEOLVE® enables her to effectively pursue her lifelong motto: HELPING OTHERS PROSPER, PROSPERS ME!
Linda is accredited by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M) and is a credentialed member of the coaching and mentoring body COMENSA.
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More Facts
Launched by Linda Remke in 2012, EVEOLVE® is passionate about building individuals and business teams through strategic coaching and mentoring.
These conversational self-discovery techniques are designed to enhance one’s unique skills and abilities further. On the journey to jumpstarting your greatest self, it’s best to align your professional and personal life as both influence each other. If you’re asking yourself these questions, then coaching and mentoring will benefit you.
How do I manage my time better so I can achieve everything I want in life?
•   How can I improve my relationships with my work colleagues?
•   How do I get that next promotion?
•   How do I go about launching my new business?
•   How do I make a career change without sabotaging my professional life?
•   Why am I no longer passionate about my business?
•   How do I achieve a better work-life balance?
•   How do I motivate and inspire my team?
We provide a safe environment for you to explore the self, discover more of who you are and grow as a result. Our methodology utilises tools such as the LBW (life-balance wheel), Values Assessment, and i3 Profiling (personality assessment tool).
Benefits of life and business coaching
•   To gain greater self-awareness is empowering
•   An increase in confidence and motivation
•   An  improvement in your relationships and team dynamics
•   It helps you to deal with challenges and difficult decisions
•   It equips leaders to develop and hone their skills
•   It helps to maximize the use of your natural strengths, skills and resources
Business Coaching

A key discipline that assists leaders and managers to be more effective, fulfilled and as a result, contribute meaningfully to their businesses.

Life Coaching

Whether you’re seeking more work/family/life balance, need to re-discover your passion, find your voice or make difficult decisions, we can help you find your natural resilience so you can enjoy an abundant life.

Brand Coaching

How you position yourself as a business is fundamental to the success of your brand. Building a personal brand is firstly about developing an understanding of your true self and then sharing it with others.

Entrepreneurial Coaching And Mentoring

It has become critical for leaders and teams to execute their most important priorities without wasting time. We assist business owners to clarify their goals, assess their strengths and apply professional development.

Transformational Coaching

We are intentional about empowering our clients to fully embrace the dilemmas and choices facing them. Through transformational coaching, you can become the best you there is by unleashing your full potential.