For Individuals


The foundation of i3 and all its related tools and services hinges on an online assessment called an i3 Profile. This assessment can be completed in 15-20 minutes but its effects will last a lifetime. Taking into account 7 Individual Instinctive Indicators (i3), the assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person as well as provide insight into which environments they are at their most productive (Productive Environment).
As an accredited i3 profiler we examine the results of each profile to provide personal, bespoke advice. If you are an individual completing an i3 profile, this feedback can occur face-to-face, via a Skype chat or telephonically.


For Teams


If you are part of a team where multiple people are being profiled, an accredited i3 profiler can facilitate a team workshop so that everyone can better understand, appreciate and harness one another’s unique strengths.
The i3 dynamix session has been specifically designed for groups of people embarking on the i3 journey together. i3 team feedback is given – with every team member’s individual report summarised into a group format and delivered as a thought-provoking workshop.
The workshop approach has been successfully used for many different types of teams in various sectors. Whether you are a small working group, part of a large organisation or a sports team – the effects of i3 dynamix will take your team to another level.
For Recruitment Purposes


If you are an employer using i3 as a means of analysing potential employees, an automated recruitment report will be sent to you.
You can improve your internal and external recruitment process with the support i3 recruit, helping you to identify natural ability and the right talent from your existing employees and potential candidate pool against the specific requirements of each role.
 Widely used by HR professionals, line management, business owners and recruiters, these reports are specifically designed to enhance a professional recruitment & selection process by adding a new dimension. This is done in conjunction with CV review, interviews, skill based assessments, referencing & possible work-based trials.