Accredited and Registered with recognised

Coach Affiliates

A team is more than a collection of people

Our seasoned affiliates are members of either COMENSA or ICF coaching bodies which ensures professional and ethical conduct whilst delivery services.

Alexa Stafford

Anna-Retha Bester

Chantal Drawtrey

Claude Warner

Cobus Visser

Crispin Swart

Darryn Brookes

Delphine Oliver

Dominique Nass

Emile Cronje

Francois Hattingh

Hannl Cronje

Ilana Bernstein

Jean Hazlitt

Kavita Govindjee

Lesley Bam

Linda Magennis

Merridy Edgson

Mohau Mphomela

Motshidisi Letloenyane

Sharon Atkins

Sophia Roman

Stephanie Dawson-Cosser

Warren Rother

Willem van der Walt

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Emergency contacts

SA Police Service: 10111
Suicide Crisis: 0800 567567
Lifeline Counselling: 086 132 2322