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    What our Clients say about us

    Wat my veral beindruk het, was die wyse waarop sy tydens die hele proses van ontwikkeling, ontwerp en finale samestelling van die produk, ons verskillendhede dóg onderskeie sterk punte saam laat ‘vloei’ het om uiteindelik ‘n punt te bereik waar albei se behoeftes en smake in ag geneem is met verwysing na kleursamestellings, formaat van die logo, bewoording ens.
    Prosperitas Victus Life Skills & Training (Pty) Ltd
    Linda held the process with the utmost professionalism and was not deterred by my impatience. Through taking me through her tried and tested process, she facilitated me building strong foundations for my business. I believe that without this grounding, I would not be where I am today – firmly rooted in my brand, crystal clear on my vision, mission, values and working closely with my selected target market. As a result of this grounding, I have been fortunate to secure global contracts, which is deep affirmation for such a young concern.
    Denise Hunt


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    Emergency contacts

    SA Police Service: 10111
    Suicide Crisis: 0800 567567
    Lifeline Counselling: 086 132 2322