Train, Maintain, Sustain to RETAIN


“Whilst training alone increases productivity by 22.4%, training augmented with coaching yielded productivity increase of 88%.”

(Olivero, Bane & Kopelman)

  • Recognizing the complexities and unique challenges of our times, we’ve thoughtfully tailored solutions designed to address your need.
  • We believe the essential shift from traditional management to a coaching-oriented leadership style is key to attracting, retaining, and managing talent to enable a nurturing high-performing organization.
  • It’s a slow iterative intervention to foster deep learning and reflection and delivered as a blended model of on-site and on-line processes.

Train, maintain, sustain to

Leadership style

“People leave managers, not companies” and as leaders, we need to reflect on how we as managers need to adjust our own style and impact.

Mindset shift

Shifting mindsets proactively towards personal steadfastness and developmental goals that can ADAPT to an uncertain world, has become a strategic advantage to organisation’s adopting a new aspirational and approachable culture.

Effective leadership

Effective leadership includes managing change. What is your strategy for leadership success within this new-found uncertainty?


Forward-thinking organizations recognize the significance of emotional skills in their leaders and the value of coaching conversations in leadership. Our comprehensive and lasting intervention could enhance your leadership culture.


Our comprehensive range of learning hub offerings is founded upon the Positive Psychology model, known as RISE to HERO. 

EVEOLVE Coaching Methodology

Our approach delves into the GROW model, teaching leaders how to guide teams in Goal setting, examining Reality, identifying Opportunities, and planning What actions to take. We also explore the PsyCap HERO model (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism) to empower teams to face challenges, persevere, recover from setbacks, and stay positive. Additionally, we emphasize the ORAC mindset—Ownership, Responsibility, Accountability, and understanding the Consequences of actions.

Each intervention is typically accompanied by a pre- and post-survey, meticulously designed to showcase tangible impact. At the core of our philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to delivering a remarkable return on investment (ROI).


EQ Competency Training augmented with coaching

To foster a positive leadership culture, offering QCTO-aligned EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Leadership competency training
combined with coaching is our integrative approach. The training program consists of four modules, each lasting four x 4 hours or eight x 2 hours, and will be delivered virtually via Zoom. This training covers all aspects of emotional intelligence and its application in leadership. An outline of each module content is as follows:

By investing in emotional intelligence training and coaching, organisations can equip their leaders with essential skills to create a
supportive and empathetic work environment. This, in turn, improves employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall retention within the organisation. Strong emotional intelligence among leaders fosters stronger relationships, effective communication, and enhanced team performance and productivity. This is achieved by nurturing a psychologically safe culture and celebrating diversity.

How we work

At EVEOLVE, we understand the need for executive coaching, but our experience has indicated that this needs to be
woven together with other positive psychology methodologies to ensure the integration of the learning.
For this reason we offer tailormade, impactful, iterative touch points supported by personalised one-on-one coaching,
with the aim to help you enhance leadership skills, improve team dynamics, and foster a culture of collaboration, whilst
considering personal well-being goals.


The individual trait-based alignment assessment is made up of various tools to accelerate self-awareness toward EQ


Interactive full day Workshops sessions are aimed at boosting team dynamics and performance


Our Seta aligned Emotional Intelligence competency training consists of four modules


All our training and workshops are augmented with coaching or conducted in a coaching style to integrate the learning.

Team Coaching

Leaders learn to implement team coaching practices enhancing performance and collaboration to foster long term team effectiveness

Power Hours

These sessions are concise, one-hour interventions conducted via Zoom, specifically designed to target and reinforce key topics throughout the overall intervention.

Tailor-made solutions based on a flexible modular process

Evolving Excellence Interventions

The comprehensive flagship offer of the Learning Hub is a 12-month intervention designed to equip clients with the necessary skills to thrive and foster a high-performance workplace. However, understanding the unique needs of each client, we can offer a customised product suite, allowing for individual components of the program to be provided separately as needed.


Our flagship Leader as Coach intervention runs for 11 Months enabling a transformation amongst your
leaders to cultivate a coaching-oriented leadership style.
This intervention is built up of 61 hours on time needed as investment per person.
NOTE: Given the context provided above, it’s important to clarify that the aim of this proposal is not to
prepare your team to become certified coaches.


The Leader future fit intervention runs for
20 weeks, brings in our flagship EQ
competency training to help leaders
enhancing self-awareness and fostering
team cohesion with regular touchpoints.
Additional executive coaching is available
for long-term sustainability.
This intervention is built up of 34,5 hours
on time needed as investment per person


The Accelerator program runs for 10 weeks, enhancing self-awareness and fostering team cohesion with regular touchpoints.
Additional executive coaching is available for long-term sustainability.
This intervention is built up of 13,5 hours on time needed as investment per person


Our programs are a culmination of over 25 years of experience in Human Capital Development and Entrepreneurship, supported by qualified seasoned coaches.

Linda Remke

• Gap innovator • Influencer • Networker • Value-based EQ Life and Executive Coaching • Mentorship • Individual and Team profiling • Personal Branding • Speaker

Diane Ritson

SPECIALISATION: Human Resource Management • Project design • Project Management • Social Development • Sustainability and Circular Economy * Consultancy

Karen Cohen

SPECIALISATION: Emotional Intelligence coaching • Perspectives, and Empathy Awareness • Conflict management * Trainer and Facilitator

Madri Milner

SPECIALISATION: Enablement • Personal and Business Mentorship • Strengths and Value-based Coaching * Facilitator and Trainer

Teresa Muller

SPECIALISATION: Communication, Confidence, Conflict Coach and Mentor * Personal, Executive and Management Coaching * Trainer and Facilitator

Moelo Mothebe

SPECIALISATION: Personal Mastery • Leadership and Management • Coaching and Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence • Team Effectiveness • Change Management • Organisational/ Employee Wellness

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