Train, Maintain, Sustain to RETAIN


Our interactive skills development

and training Seta aligned interventions are delivered by qualified coaches as well as augmented with one-on-one coaching, to ensure full integration and application.

“Whilst training alone increases productivity by 22.4%, training augmented with coaching yielded productivity increase of 88%.” (Olivero, Bane & Kopelman)

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Our comprehensive range of learning hub offerings is founded upon the Positive Psychology model, known as RISE to HERO. Each intervention is accompanied by a pre- and post-survey, meticulously designed to showcase tangible impact. At the core of our philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to delivering a remarkable return on investment (ROI)

Train, maintain, sustain to

Leadership style

“People leave managers, not companies” and as leaders, we need to reflect on how we as managers need to adjust our own style and impact.

Mindset shift

Shifting mindsets proactively towards personal steadfastness and developmental goals that can ADAPT to an uncertain world, has become a strategic advantage to organisation’s adopting a new aspirational and approachable culture.

Effective leadership

Effective leadership includes managing change. What is your strategy for leadership success within this new-found uncertainty?


Visionary organisations are grasping the importance of emotional competencies amongst their leaders and the unique value that the coaching conversation brings within the dynamic role of leading. We believe our holistic, sustainable training and coaching solution could be a powerful addition to your leadership culture development.


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